Govt Increase MSP for 14 Kharif Crops, Including Cotton & Paddy; Also Accept New Terminal & Runway Extension At Varanasi Airport

The government has made the decision to build the first offshore wind terminal in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, raise the Minimum Support Price for fourteen crops, and develop Maharashtra’s Vadhavan Port. The National Forensic Infrastructure Enhancement Scheme and the building of the Varanasi airport are other initiatives that the administration has decided upon.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw briefed the media in New Delhi, stating that the Cabinet meeting resulted in the government making five significant decisions. He noted that the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for Kharif crops for the marketing season 2024–2025 for 14 crops had been approved by the cabinet. He said that farmers will profit from a large increase in MSP for oilseeds, pulses, cotton, millets, and paddy. He stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third term is crucial because it concentrate on continuity with change through many decisions for farmers’ welfare. Mr Vaishnaw said the government is working to build two lakh godowns across the country.


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