Ambassadors and High Commissioners from Six Nations Present Credentials to President Murmu

New Delhi, 28 Nov 23 – Ambassadors and High Commissioners from six countries officially presented their credentials to President Droupadi Murmu at a prestigious ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday. President Murmu graciously accepted the credentials from the distinguished representatives of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Malaysia, Mali, and the Marshall Islands.

The esteemed diplomats who had the honor of presenting their credentials to President Murmu include Irish Ambassador Kevin Kelly, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Haris Hrley, Ambassador of Armenia Wahgan Afiyan, High Commissioner of Malaysia Muzaffar Shah bin Mustafa, Ambassador of Mali Brigadier General Felix Diallo, and Ambassador of the Marshall Islands Alexander Carter Bing. The ceremony, held at the heart of the capital, symbolizes the strengthening of diplomatic ties between India and these nations.

This significant event underscores the commitment of the involved countries to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with India across various domains. The presentation of credentials is a customary diplomatic practice that marks the commencement of official duties for these representatives, signifying a new chapter in diplomatic collaboration between the nations involved.

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