Young minds Shine: Children’s Day celebration with President Droupadi Murmu

New Delhi, 14 November, 2023- Children from various schools and organizations had the opportunity to meet the President of India,  Droupadi Murmu, on Children’s Day at Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre (RBCC) on November 14, 2023. Addressing the gathering, the President emphasized the crucial role children play as the future of the country. She stressed the collective responsibility to safeguard and ensure the proper upbringing of this future generation. Acknowledging the technological advancements and wealth of information available to today’s children, she highlighted their impressive display of talent both within the country and internationally.

President Murmu underscored the importance of guiding and directing the inherent talent of children in the right direction. She commended children for their heightened sensitivity toward others, noting their capacity to empathize with the happiness and sadness of those around them. The President expressed the belief that by nurturing this quality, children can be inspired to contribute positively to society from an early age, fostering love and respect for the environment.

Additionally, the President emphasized the significance of educating children about environmental health and cleanliness. She encouraged them to recognize their potential, maintain dedication, and work hard toward their goals, assuring them that success is achievable through persistent effort.

In her advice to the young audience, President Murmu recommended cultivating the habit of reading, asserting that books are the best companions. She quoted the saying, “books are best friends,” highlighting the positive impact of good books on one’s personality. Furthermore, she suggested that children read biographies of great personalities, believing that such stories would not only inspire them but also equip them to face challenges confidently.

The President’s interaction with the children aimed to motivate and guide them, emphasizing the importance of values, education, and a sense of responsibility in shaping a bright and successful future for the nation.

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