“Tragedy Strikes Haryana: Six lives lost to suspected spurious liquor consumption”

Yamunanagar, Nov 9 – In a tragic incident, at least six individuals have lost their lives after consuming suspected spurious liquor in the villages of Mandebari and Panjeta Ka Majra, located in Yamunanagar, Haryana. The local police have confirmed the fatalities.

The deceased have been identified as Suresh Kumar (45), Vishal (27), Sonu (27), and Surendra from Mandebari village, as well as Swaran Singh and Meharchand (70) from Panjeta Ka Majra village.

According to law enforcement authorities, all of these individuals had purchased and consumed liquor that was allegedly being sold illegally within their respective villages. The individual responsible for selling the liquor also joined the group in consuming the alcohol and tragically lost their life as well.

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