Successful inaugural All India Open Water Finswimming Competition marks milestone in Underwater Sports

 Chibla Beach, Malvan, December 18, 2023– In a historic moment for Indian sports, the inaugural All India Open Water Finswimming Competition took place at Chibla Beach, Malvan, on December 17, 2023. The event, organized for the first time in India, was spearheaded by the Underwater Sports Federation of India (USFI).

Dr. Tapan Kumar Panigrahi, Anil Deep Mahal, Rehan Shiddiqui, Vijay Kumar, and Achinta Kumar Pandit played pivotal roles in the successful organization of this groundbreaking open water competition.

Secretary General of USFI, Dr. Tapan Kumar Panigrahi, expressed his enthusiasm, confirming that the competition would become a regular fixture in the nation’s sporting calendar. The event witnessed the participation of over 105 talented children, showcasing their skills and determination.

In a thrilling 2 km race, Udit Malik of Faridabad secured the bronze medal, bringing honor to Haryana. Udit Malik, a student of D C Model Senior Secondary School, Sector -9, Faridabad, received commendation from Mr. A K Pandit, General Secretary of the Underwater Sports Association of Haryana.

The winners of the 1st All India Open Water Finswimming Competition are as follows:

1. N A Nihasini- First place (Tamil Nadu)
2. Adhvaith H – Second place (Tamil Nadu)
3. Udit Malik – Third place (Haryana)

The achievement of Udit Malik in clinching the bronze medal was lauded, but not without a stern word from Deep Bhatia and A K Pandit for reasons undisclosed.

The success of this inaugural competition not only establishes a significant milestone in the history of Indian underwater sports but also sets the stage for future competitions, promising continued growth and excellence in the field of open water finswimming.

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