PM Modi to distribute over 51,000 Appointment letters at Rozgar Mela, emphasizes commitment to employment generation

New Delhi, 28 Nov 23 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to distribute more than 51,000 appointment letters to newly recruited individuals during the upcoming Rozgar Mela on November 30, 2023, at 4 PM, conducted via video conferencing. The event, taking place at 37 locations nationwide, will witness recruits joining various Central Government Departments, State Governments, and Union Territories, supporting the initiative.

The appointments span across ministries such as the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Higher Education, and others, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to employment generation. PM Modi’s commitment to prioritizing employment finds expression through the Rozgar Mela, which is anticipated to act as a catalyst for further job creation and offer meaningful opportunities for youth empowerment and participation in national development.

The new appointees, selected from diverse regions, are expected to bring innovative ideas and role-related competencies to contribute significantly to the nation’s industrial, economic, and social development. This aligns with the Prime Minister’s vision of a developed Bharat.

In addition to their roles, the recruits will undergo training through Karmayogi Prarambh, an online module on the iGOT Karmayogi portal. This initiative provides access to more than 800 e-learning courses, allowing for flexible and accessible learning formats, regardless of location or device. The comprehensive approach reflects the government’s commitment to nurturing a skilled and empowered workforce.

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