PM Modi Highlights Concerns Over Deepfake Videos and AI Misuse

New Delhi, November 17, 2023 – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed apprehensions regarding the misuse of artificial intelligence, particularly emphasizing the emergence of deepfake videos as a “big issue” for society. Speaking at the BJP’s Diwali celebration program in New Delhi, he underscored the potential problems posed by the looming threat of deepfake technology.

Modi recounted an incident where he discovered a video featuring himself singing a Garba song, emphasizing that such manipulated videos could create significant challenges. “During the times of Artificial Intelligence, it is important that technology should be used responsibly,” he added.

The Prime Minister disclosed that he has instructed the ChatGPT team to identify deepfake content and issue warnings when such videos circulate online. This move reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the adverse impacts of AI misuse.

Modi’s remarks follow the surfacing of deepfake videos featuring morphed faces of popular actors such as Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, and Kajol, causing widespread outrage on social media platforms.

He urged the media to play a proactive role in educating the public about the potential consequences associated with artificial intelligence. Additionally, he highlighted the success of the ‘vocal for local’ initiative, noting that over Rs 4000 crore in business was generated during the festive season.

The Prime Minister expressed joy at Indian festivals gaining global recognition through social media and emphasized the need for responsible use of technology in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

During his address, Modi also raised concerns about the deaths of journalists during the Covid-19 period and called for the development of a ‘health care mechanism’ for journalists above 40 years of age. He concluded by acknowledging India’s achievements during the pandemic, instilling confidence that the country will continue its progress.

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