PM Modi Anticipates COP28 as an Opportunity to Review Progress Under Paris Agreement

New Delhi, Nov 30 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed optimism about the Climate Summit COP28, emphasizing its role in assessing the advancements made under the Paris Agreement and shaping the future trajectory for climate action. In a departure statement before his participation in the World Climate Action Summit in the UAE, PM Modi highlighted the significance of the event being hosted under the Presidency of the UAE—a crucial climate action partner for India.

During his visit to Dubai for the COP-28 Summit, invited by H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, PM Modi underlined India’s commitment to climate action aligned with its civilizational ethos, focusing on both social and economic development. He emphasized that climate action was a priority during India’s G20 Presidency and looked forward to COP-28 building upon the consensus reached in the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, which includes concrete steps on climate action and sustainable development.

PM Modi also urged developed nations to support developing countries with sufficient climate financing and technology transfer, ensuring equitable access to carbon and development space for sustainable development. He cited India’s achievements in renewable energy, energy efficiency, afforestation, energy conservation, and the Mission LiFE as evidence of the nation’s commitment to climate action.

The 2023 UN Climate Change Conference, initiated on Friday and scheduled until December 12 in Dubai, UAE, will address climate change effects and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. PM Modi expressed his enthusiasm for participating in special events during the summit, including discussions on climate finance, the Green Credit initiative, and LeadIT.

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