Nitish Kumar dismisses Speculations, Labels JD(U) Meeting in Delhi as Routine

Patna, December 28, 2023 – Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addressed speculations surrounding the upcoming National Executive Committee meeting of the Janata Dal (United) [JD(U)] in New Delhi on Friday, emphasizing that it is merely a routine gathering. Speaking to media representatives, Kumar clarified that such meetings are an annual occurrence for the party and downplayed any significance attached to the event.

The Chief Minister sought to dispel rumors circulating within political circles regarding potential decisions to be made during the JD(U) meeting. He reiterated that there was nothing extraordinary about the gathering and insisted it was part of the party’s regular schedule.

Refusing to entertain further questions on the matter, Kumar stated that he would be heading to New Delhi soon. The political arena has been rife with speculation, including the possibility of Chief Minister Kumar departing from the Grand Alliance to rejoin the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Additionally, there are rumors about the potential resignation of JD(U) President Rajeev Ranjan Singh, also known as Lalan Singh.

However, Singh himself dismissed these speculations upon his arrival in the National Capital to participate in the party meeting. The JD(U) meeting is anticipated with keen interest as political observers await any significant developments that may emerge.

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