PM’s arrival in Ayodhya will ‘usher in a new era of development’ in Dharmanagari: CM Yogi

Ensure an impenetrable security system and develop a concrete action plan for traffic management, CM issues instructions

Lucknow, December 28, 2023 – Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to make all arrangements for the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the religious city of Ayodhya on December 30 an “unforgettable event.” In a virtual meeting with senior state government ministers Surya Pratap Shahi and Dayashankar Singh and local administration, including Mayor Ayodhya, the Chief Minister reviewed the preparations for the program and gave necessary guidelines.

Major guidelines given by the Chief Minister in the meeting..

● The arrival of the respected Prime Minister in the religious city of Ayodhya on December 30 will be the beginning of a ‘new era of development’ in Ayodhya. On this occasion, the country is not only going to get the gift of a new international airport, but Ayodhya will also get the gift of projects worth thousands of crores.

● There should be good arrangements for security and cleanliness on the route fixed for the Prime Minister’s roadshow. May the spirit of Lord Rama resonate throughout Ayodhya. Decorate local monasteries and temples. Get a grand archway prepared. There should be interesting presentations by cultural groups at various places.

● Ayodhya residents are also eager to welcome the Prime Minister. Give them adequate space. Sages and saints will shower flowers on the Prime Minister. Communicate with them. This road show is for the general public, so public sentiment should be respected.

● This Prime Minister will gift projects worth thousands of crores to Ayodhya. This is a very important event, and all necessary preparations should be completed on time by the local administration with the cooperation of the Government of India.

● The Prime Minister will also address a public meeting on the special occasion. Considering the expected attendance of 1.5 to 2 lakh citizens from neighboring districts, comprehensive preparations are essential, including proper parking facilities along major roads connecting Ayodhya. Emphasis should be placed on ensuring basic amenities for the attendees, with a focus on effective crowd management.

● There should be adequate arrangements for the parking of vehicles at public meeting places and other important places and adequate public facilities should also be arranged near those parking places. Medical personnel should be deployed to address any health-related concerns.

● Given the scale of the event and the anticipated large turnout, robust security measures are imperative. There should also be aerial surveillance. Apart from uniformed security personnel, police should also be deployed in plain clothes. The security protocol of the Prime Minister should be strictly followed.

● Implement traffic management strategy by communicating with the administration of nearby districts. There should be no jam anywhere on Lucknow-Gorakhpur road. Timely communication and publicity regarding traffic diversions should be prioritized to prevent congestion.

● The route of the Prime Minister’s roadshow should be adorned attractively. Shops and businesses located along the route should remain open. Encourage businessmen to decorate their establishments.

● Ensuring cleanliness is paramount from the airport to the railway station in Ayodhya. Special attention should be given to maintaining dust-free roads, and additional manpower should be deployed as needed to uphold cleanliness standards throughout the area.

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