Delhi Police Academy Leads the Way in Women Empowerment on International Women’s Day

Delhi, March 8, 2024 – In a resounding celebration of women empowerment, the Delhi Police Academy took a significant step towards gender equality on International Women’s Day. Under the visionary approach of Ms. Chhaya Sharma, IPS, Special CP Training, Delhi Police, and guidance of Asif Mohd. Ali, IPS, Jt Director, DPA, the Academy orchestrated a series of empowering events to mark the occasion.

The day commenced with a symbolic RUN, inspired by the principle “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यंते, रमंते तत्र देवता” (where there is respect for woman, Deities reside), reflecting the commitment to ingraining gender equality in society. Asif Mohd. Ali, IPS, Jt Director, inaugurated the RUN, emphasizing the positive impact of the increasing presence of women in the force.

Jt. Director, DPA, proudly announced, “On this International Women’s Day, around 1000 women are joining Delhi Police at our Academy. Upon completing their training, these women will contribute to the betterment of society by being deployed in district units.”

The spirited RUN featured approximately 400 female trainees from the rank of Constables to Sub-Inspectors, symbolizing a collective step towards fostering a society where women actively participate in law enforcement. The event also saw participation from trainees of Goa Police, Andaman Nicobar Police, Chandigarh Police, and Delhi Police, turning the RUN into an interstate event.

In addition to the RUN, a Tug of War competition was organized, showcasing the strength and unity of female trainees in Assistant Wireless Operator and Head Constable Ministerial roles. Sh. Jitendra Mani, IPS, Deputy Director, DPA, awarded the trophy to the Assistant Wireless Operator winning team.

A cultural program highlighted the talents of female trainees who expressed their emotions through poetry, songs, and dance, spreading positive vibes among the audience. Sh. Jitendra Mani, IPS, also shared a self-composed poem praising women and emphasized the importance of teaching men about women empowerment.

Jt. Director, DPA, underscored the strategic importance of increasing the number of women employees within Delhi Police. He expressed confidence that their growing presence will significantly benefit victims, particularly women, as only women can truly understand a woman’s pain.

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