Satsang program organised in village of Khedi Gujran

This spiritual extravaganza, held at the premises of Government College Khedi Gujran, echoed the divine guidance of Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha J

Faridabad, 24 December 2023– A resplendent display of spirituality unfolded as the Faridabad branch of Nirankari Mission organised a Satsang program in the village of Khedi Gujran. This spiritual extravaganza, held at the premises of Government College Khedi Gujran, echoed the divine guidance of Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji to propagate the profound message of global brotherhood and unity. Shri Aman Mahendru Ji, (Kendra Gyan Pracharak of Nirankari Mission from Agra, UP, graced the gathering with his insightful address. He emphasized that the purpose of human existence is to attain God, asserting that knowing God is the true religion of humanity. Quoting the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Mahendru Ji underscored the significance of devotion and the need for actions to be aligned with human values in the pursuit of God. The satsang, a cultural tapestry woven with languages like Haryanvi, Garhwali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Hindi, resonated with the devotees. Through soul-stirring songs, heartfelt poems, and profound thoughts, they conveyed the essence that worship of the one can only be achieved through knowledge and unwavering faith in the Divine. The event, masterfully organized by Nirankari Mission’s Faridabad coordinator Mahesh Chand and his dedicated team including Sachin Arora, Sanjay Arora, Charan Das Mehmi, Ramesh Chawla and Sheela Bajaj saw the enthusiastic participation of thousands of devotees. The atmosphere was charged with devotional fervor as the message of unity and spiritual enlightenment echoed through the air. During this, Neeraj Sharma (MLA, NIT Faridabad), Nagendra Bhadana (former MLA, NIT Faridabad), Dharamveer Bhadana (AAP Party, Faridabad), Sarpanch, Patwas, RK Chilana (District Public Relations and Grievances Commission, Faridabad), Sunil Sharma ( Principal, Government College Khedi Gujran) and other prominent figures from Faridabad and Ballabhgarh graced the occasion. The stage was operated by Shubham Oberoi and arranged by Chandrapal (Director, Ballabhgarh), Ram Swaroop (Director, Faridabad), Pawan Dabur, SK Nagpal, Puneet Bisht, Brahmapal, DN Sharma, Harendra Bhadana Ward No. 1, Ranveer Lohia, Sarpanch Khedi Gujran Puja and Anand played crucial in the program. MLA Neeraj Sharma expressed gratitude towards Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji, engaging in insightful discussions on knowledge through the medium of Ram Katha. Convener Mahesh Chand emphasized Satguru Mata’s vision of ensuring humanity’s happiness through the pursuit of knowledge during his closing remarks. The event concluded on a joyous note, with organizer Sachin Arora Jawahar Colony extending heartfelt thanks to the esteemed guests and participants. Prasad was distributed, symbolizing the shared spiritual journey and unity experienced by all who attended this memorable Satsang in Khedi Gujran.

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