Delhi Minister Atishi expresses concerns over delay in DJB Member Appointments

New Delhi, December 24, 2023– Delhi Minister Atishi has voiced her displeasure over the prolonged delay in appointing Water and Drainage Members to the Delhi Jal Board (DJB). Expressing her concerns, Atishi alleged that crucial files related to the appointment of the two senior-most technical members have been shuttling between the Delhi Jal Board, Urban Development Department, and Services Department for over two months.

In response to the situation, the Minister has directed the Chief Secretary to ensure the prompt appointment of full-time members, including those for Water, Drainage, and Finance, within seven working days, according to an official communique.

The delay in appointments has raised serious issues, as Atishi pointed out that several projects are at a standstill due to the absence of technical approvals that can only be provided by the appointed technical members. The absence of a full-time Member Finance for over three months has added to the concerns, affecting the smooth functioning of essential projects.

Atishi emphasized the urgency of the matter, stating that concerned Ministers in charge of Water and Urban Development have not received any files regarding these appointments. The Minister’s directive seeks to address the current deadlock and ensure the swift functioning of the Delhi Jal Board.


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