Former CM Bhupinder Hooda rallies in Ballabhgarh, pledges change in Haryana’s political landscape

Massive turnout at former MLA Kumari Sharda Rathore's public meeting in Ballabhgarh

Faridabad, 23 December 2023– Former Haryana CM and Opposition Leader, Chaudhary Bhupendra Singh Hooda, rallied in Ballabhgarh, invoking the spirit of martyr Raja Nahar Singh. In a massive workers’ conference orchestrated by former MLA Kumari Sharda Rathore, Hooda passionately urged the crowd to mobilize for Congress. Addressing the fervent crowd, Hooda hailed Sharda Rathore as a grassroots leader, predicting that the roar of Ballabhgarh would resonate across Haryana. Alleging the BJP’s neglect of welfare schemes, he emphasized the need for unity across sections, including farmers, laborers, employees, businessmen, Dalits, backward classes, and women, to reclaim power from the incumbent government.


State Congress President Udaybhan presided over the meeting. On this occasion, Bhupendra Hooda strongly criticized the BJP-JJP alliance and said that before 2014, Haryana was number one in providing per capita income, per capita investment and employment. Now, Haryana become the number one state in inflation, crime, drugs, and unemployment. Reminiscing about Congress’s era, Hooda pointed out the transformation of Faridabad into a smart city, which he contrasted with its current status, describing it as a ‘hell city’ plagued by rising issues. He also highlighted developmental projects undertaken during Congress’s tenure, including bringing the metro to Ballabhgarh, establishing a medical college, initiating the Renewal project for clean water, and transforming Faridabad into an industrial area. In contrast, he accused the BJP of promoting divisive ideologies, exacerbating casteism and religious sentiments in society.

Additionally, he criticized the current government for obstructing various Congress-led schemes for the welfare of the poor, Dalits, and backward classes and asserted that the recent report from the NCRB once again makes it clear that this government has completely failed to provide security to the people. He also alleged that Haryana has emerged as the most unsafe state for women, and the people in the government are embroiled in mutual conflicts, leading to a breakdown in law and order, as well as health services. Notably, there is an ongoing clash between the State Home and Health Minister and CM, causing the general public to bear the consequences. Hooda criticized the BJP-JJP government for its focus on hollow propaganda and advertisements, contrasting it with the clear actions on the ground. Leaders and workers of the ruling parties are joining the Congress, expressing faith in its policies, while the alliance parties are engaged in air and newspaper campaigning.

Hooda further stated that the BJP has not fulfilled any election promises made to the public. The government, according to him, is undermining the respect of every class, and in a democracy, governments run with respect, not by insulting the people. He emphasized that the BJP-JJP coalition government has lost its moral and democratic right to remain in power, having lathi-charged various sections of society, from farmers and soldiers to laborers and sweepers. Hooda expressed confidence that in the next elections, the public, having endured humiliation, will settle scores with interest and hold the ruling parties accountable for their actions. The program organizer, former Ballabhgarh MLA Kumari Sharda Rathore, thanked the large crowd in attendance and appealed for their support in the upcoming elections to fulfill pending promises. On this occasion, NIT MLA Neeraj Sharma, former Prithla MLA Raghuveer Singh Tewatia, former MLA Lalit Nagar, Vijay Pratap Singh, JP Nagar, Yogesh Gaur, state spokesperson Tarun Tewatia, Sumit Gaur, Neeraj Gupta, Youth District President Nitin Singla and many other dignitaries were present.

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