Saudi Arabia the guest country became the centre of attraction in the New Delhi World Book Fair

New Delhi, 16 Feb 2024– Saudi Arabia, a major country of West Central Asia, has participated as a guest country in this New Delhi World Book Fair 2024. This is an opportunity for literary cultural exchange between India and Saudi Arabia. The art, culture and literature of that place have been depicted well in the pavilion. As soon as you enter the main entrance of Hall No. 4, your eyes will go to the wall of the stall where a glimpse of Saudi Arabian literature is visible.

Here, books on subjects like Saudi history, Mecca-Medina, culture, Arab manuscripts, Saudi dates, archaeology, epigraphy, handicrafts etc. have been decorated. The special thing is that H C Amstrong’s book Lords of Arabia Ibn Saud: The Intimate Study of a King, on Ibn Saud, who founded Saudi Arabia, is also available here. On this wall, some traditional items of Saudi Arabia, such as coffee kettle, oob burner (burner used for fragrance), apart from some handicraft items have also been placed here.

Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Wasel, Head of the Saudi Delegation, said on the occasion that cultural exchange between Saudi Arabia and India extends to various fields, highlighting the deep ties between the two countries. This association stems from the deep brotherly ties between the two countries, which serves to highlight the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of the state to the Indian public. The Kingdom’s Showcase features a rich cultural journey run by the Commission for Literature, Publications and Translations. This will be complemented by diverse cultural commissions such as heritage, music, film, culinary, fashion and contributions from the King Abdulaziz Foundation. The Kingdom’s showcase at the fair is set to offer a rich tapestry of cultural, artistic, literary and knowledge-based activities highlighting the contributions of Saudi writers. The agenda is packed with seminars and discussions exploring the Saudi-Indian cultural nexus, from culinary exchanges to Saudi writer Mohammed Al-Aboudi’s exploratory visits to India.
An attempt has also been made in this fair to show how important it is to be connected to culture even in the modern era.

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