CM Manohar Lal spoke at the ‘Ethics Conclave’ organized under Mission Karmayogi in Panchkula

Morality is paramount in our ideology - CM

Chandigarh, Feb 6,2024 – Haryana Chief Minister, Sh Manohar Lal, while emphasizing the importance of character building, said that character building is essential before the physical (infrastructure) development. Once character building is ensured, physical (infrastructure) development will automatically follow. No one had earlier thought that any government would focus on character building.

Sh. Manohar Lal was addressing the officers of Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Haryana Civil Service during the ‘Ethics Conclave’ organized under Mission Karmayogi in Panchkula today.

He said that Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi has initiated Mission Karmayogi to instill the spirit of morality in government officers and employees. It is the responsibility of the officers and employees to boost people’s confidence in the system. He acknowledged that eliminating the feeling of distrust among the people is a big challenge, but officials can meet public aspirations by bringing about change in their vision and working style. Mission Karmayogi aims to awaken the spirit of social service with determination, strength, and morale among officers and employees. If they truly become Karmayogis and dedicate themselves to society, they will attain spiritual satisfaction, he added.

The Chief Minister mentioned that when he assumed office in 2014, he harboured numerous questions regarding governance and the conduct of officers/employees. Despite the presence of many well-intentioned individuals in the government, he recognized the necessity for change and several initiatives towards systemic reform were launched on the first Good Governance Day on December 25, 2015. Over the past nine and a half years, numerous successful endeavours have been undertaken in pursuit of good governance. However, still much more needs to be done, and officers and employees can play a vital role in this direction.

Morality is paramount in our ideology – Chief Minister

The Chief Minister said that we are fortunate that we have got the opportunity to serve the public under the leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi. He said that the Prime Minister and he himself come from an ideology where morality is paramount. Taking initiative, Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi first worked to improve the image of politicians. It is a matter of great pride that the Prime Minister has not only followed it himself but has also ensured a sense of ethics in his entire team. He recalled that the former Prime Minister had once said that out of one rupee send from Delhi, only 15 paise reaches the bottom and the rest goes here and there. But today every penny sent by the government is being utilised on development works.

Sh Manohar Lal said that upon assuming office in Haryana, the foremost priority was to eradicate all forms of discrimination and promote equitable development across the state in line with the ethos of “Haryana Ek-Haryanvi Ek.” Referring to the practices of previous administrations, Sh Manohar Lal said that the earlier Chief Ministers used to focus only on the development of their respective districts. He made it clear that those who act against rules and laws will not be tolerated.

In his address to the officers, the Chief Minister underscored the government’s commitment to enhance the living standard of the people through the pursuit of seven ‘S’ – Shiksha, Swasthya, Suraksha, Swabhiman, Swavlamban, Sushasan, and Sewa. He urged all officers to align their efforts towards achieving these seven ‘S’, emphasizing that such endeavors would contribute to societal well-being. He highlighted the successful endeavours aimed at eradicating the three ‘C’s – crime, corruption, and caste-based politics. He said that training of over 2 lakh employees and officers has been completed, with a target of 3.5 lakh employees receiving Karmayogi training by March 31, 2024.

The Chief Minister urged Director General of HIPA, Smt. Chandralekha Banerjee, to incorporate the training module of Mission Karmayogi into the curriculum of HIPA.

Sudhanshu Maharaj described CM as a Karmayogi

Earlier, Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj described Chief Minister Sh Manohar Lal as a Karmayogi, expressing deep satisfaction and admiration for the Chief Minister’s simplicity and approachability. He said that although he seldom interacts with politicians, But Chief Minister Sh Manohar Lal seems more like ‘apne’ than a leader. Encouraging the officers, he urged them to embody Karmayoga in their nature, asserting that true fulfillment as a Karmayogi is attained by integrating it into one’s life. He said that the present moment offers an opportunity for officers to script a legacy that future generations can emulate.

On this occasion, Chief Secretary Sh Sanjeev Kaushal expressed pride in Haryana being the first state in the country where every employee and officer receives training on ethics. He said that the aim of Mission Karmayogi is to enhance the skills and efficiency of officers and employees while also fostering greater accountability towards society. He stressed the importance of being accountable for public actions and decisions, ensuring that every task performed and decision made has a positive impact on the general public.

Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Mr. V. Umashankar, Director General of HIPA, Mrs. Chandralekha Banerjee and officers of civil and police administration from across the state were also present in the conclave.

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