Journey to Ayodhya Begins: Special Bus from Ballabgarh Flagged off for Pilgrims

Faridabad, 05 Feb 2024– In a momentous event, a pilgrimage bus, spearheaded by Raja Nahar Singh Bus Depot in Ballabgarh, set off for Ayodhya today under the patronage of Haryana Roadways. The departure ceremony was officiated by the Honorable Transport Minister, Moolchand Sharma, who symbolically flagged off the journey with a green flag.

Passengers on the inaugural bus expressed their deep appreciation for Transport Minister Moolchand Sharma, acknowledging the convenience he has brought to their pilgrimage by facilitating direct travel from Ballabgarh to witness the darshan of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya. The minister’s presence added a sacred touch to the departure ceremony, and travelers conveyed their gratitude for the well-organized arrangements.

Even the youngest travelers on board, the children, took a moment to express their thanks to Minister Sharma. They conveyed their joy at the prospect of visiting Lord Rama’s temple, considering it a stroke of fortune to have the opportunity for darshan and blessings.

Adding a notable dimension to the event, MLA Seema Trikha actively participated in the pilgrimage, contributing to the spiritual journey. Her involvement underscored the unity and collective devotion characterizing this significant undertaking.

This departure marks a poignant occasion as devotees embark on a journey filled with faith and reverence, eager to seek the blessings of Lord Rama at Ayodhya. The inclusion of MLA Seema Tirka further reinforces the communal spirit of this pilgrimage, emphasizing the shared commitment to this sacred journey.


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