CM inaugurates 60 Amrit+ Sarovers in virtual Ceremony from Dult Village in Tohana Assembly Constituency

Chandigarh, 24 January 2024 – Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal has urged the citizens of the state to use water judiciously and avoid wastage. Emphasizing that water is precious, he encouraged people to develop the habit of using available water wisely and reusing it.

The Chief Minister was virtually addressing the people of the state after inaugurating 60 Amrit+ Sarovar across the state from Dult village in the Tohana assembly constituency of the Fatehabad district. Out of the 60 Sarovars that are inaugurated today, 31 are located in the Fatehabad district.

Sh. Manohar Lal said that Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi initiated the Amrit Sarovar Mission in 2022 to rejuvenate the country’s ponds. Under this mission, the goal was to rejuvenate 1650 ponds in every district of Haryana, as per the plan of having 75 ponds in each district from May 1, 2002. Due to the efforts made by the state government and local levels, Haryana has successfully constructed 2078 Amrit Sarovars. An additional 200 Amrit Sarovars will be constructed in the upcoming month, he shared.

Haryana Pond Authority constituted for the Rejuvenation of Ponds

The Chief Minister shared that to rejuvenate ponds in the State, the Haryana Pond and Wastewater Management Authority has been established, and the Authority has been directed to survey the ponds available in the state. According to the survey, a total of 19,649 ponds have been identified in the state, with approximately 18,000 ponds in rural areas and 900 ponds in urban areas. Out of these ponds, about 11,000 are polluted, and efforts are being made for their rejuvenation, he informed.

Sh. Manohar Lal further shared that scientific studies highlight a water demand of approximately 35 lakh crore liters in the state, while the available water resources amount to around 21 lakh crore liters. Therefore, there is a shortage of about 14 lakh crore liters of water. Apart from groundwater, water is sourced from rainfall and mountains, he shared.

The Chief Minister further stated that Haryana used to receive water from Punjab through the SYL canal as per agreement, but currently, it is not happening due to an interstate dispute. The matter is under consideration in the Supreme Court. Despite the ongoing dispute, the Haryana government has implemented effective water management. Approximately 300 tailes in South Haryana have been supplied with water, he said.

Sh. Manohar Lal also shared that the Central Pollution Control Board has acknowledged and appreciated the initiatives taken by Haryana for the purification of polluted water, water conservation, and water management, considering Haryana as a model for other states.

The present government has increased the amount for the rejuvenation and beautification of ponds to Rs. 7 lakh

The Chief Minister said that before the present state government came into power, the designated amount for the cleaning and beautification of ponds was only Rs. 50,000 per pond. However, our government has increased this amount to Rs. 7 lakh per pond, leading to the rejuvenation of ponds across the state, he said.

Sh. Manohar Lal further shared that by cleaning and filling ponds with treated water, it can be utilized for irrigation, drinking water for livestock, and other essential needs.

Addressing the issue of waterlogging, the promotion of natural farming is being done towards resolving the problem

The Chief Minister said that farmers have excessively used chemical fertilizers, resulting in increased crop yield but deteriorating soil quality. He said that due to the formation of a compact layer in the soil due to chemicals, rainwater is not seeping into the ground, causing waterlogging and marshy conditions in many areas. Not only that, but the excessive use of chemical fertilizers has led to serious diseases like cancer today. To overcome this problem, there is a need to shift towards natural farming, said Sh. Manohar Lal.

The Chief Minister appealed to farmers to opt for alternative crops instead of paddy for water conservation and solving waterlogging issues. For this, the government has implemented the Mera Pani Meri Virasat scheme, providing an incentive of Rs. 7,000 per acre to farmers who refrain from cultivating paddy. So far, farmers have left paddy cultivation on 1,74,000 acres of land.

For groundwater recharging in the state, 1000 more recharge wells will be constructed, CM

The Chief Minister said that with a focus on groundwater recharging, 1000 recharge wells have already been constructed in the state. The target for the next year is also set to construct 1000 more recharge wells. The construction of these wells will make it possible to irrigate an additional approximately 8000 acres of land each year, he said.

Sh Manohar Lal shared that out of the total 95 lakh acres of land suitable for agriculture in Haryana, irrigation is possible on 45 lakh acres through canal water. The remaining land is irrigated through rainfall or tube wells.

He further informed that 200 treatment plants have been installed in the state to purify water, providing 700 cusecs of treated water. This treated water is being utilized for horticulture, irrigation, and industrial purposes, he said.

The Chief Minister urged the use of water flow meters, manual rainfall measurement devices, and piezometers to determine the rainfall and groundwater levels in villages. He emphasized giving importance to rainwater harvesting and appealed to the people not to waste water as it is invaluable, encouraging recycling and reuse.

Under the leadership of the Chief Minister, continuous development is progressing towards the Tohana region, Devender Babli

Earlier speaking on the occasion, Development and Panchayats Minister, Sh. Devender Singh Babli said that Tohana is not just a city of canals but also a land of religious cities and warriors. The development that is happening in this region today has never happened before. Tohana’s neglect was a persistent issue, and politics was dominated by those seeking power and votes. However, under the leadership of the Chief Minister, continuous development is happening in this region, he said.

The Minister further said that the vision of Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal is dedicatedly working to promote urbanization in our villages. This vision has been practically applied in this region, he said.

Sh. Devender Singh Babli said the construction of the Tohana bypass, the gift of a medical college in Fatehabad, and the inauguration of 31 Amrit Sarovars as special acknowledgments to the Chief Minister. He said that under the Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal’s leadership, there is all-round development happening in every sector of the state.

MP, Smt. Sunita Duggal, MLA, Sh. Dura Ram, Deputy Commissioner, Sh. Ajay Tomer, and other dignitaries also remained present on this occasion.

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