RPS 12 Avenue celebrates inauguration of Ram Mandir & Nandigram

Additionally, Nandigram has emerged, entailing construction of permanent homes for the devoted labor force at RPS 12 Avenue

Faridabad, 23 Jan 2024– In a momentous occasion at RPS 12 Avenue, Mathura Road, the much-anticipated Ram Mandir was inaugurated, echoing the establishment of the revered Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The festivities extended to a vibrant Bhandara, uniting workers, employees, and management in a joyous celebration.

Adding to the project’s significance, Nandigram has also taken root, featuring the construction of permanent homes for the dedicated labor force. The construction follows traditional methods, utilizing cow dung for a healthier environment. Education and recreational facilities have been thoughtfully incorporated for the well-being of the laborers, complemented by a dispensary to address health concerns. Notably, Nandigram boasts a dedicated cow shelter, reinforcing the commitment to serve our bovine companions. Shanti Prakash Gupta, Chairman of RPS Group, emphasized, that Public service is undeniably the true religion and national duty. The inauguration of Ram Temple and Nandigram stands as a testament to this belief. He added that the health and education of workforce and their families are their responsibility. The pivotal role played by workers has been instrumental in shaping RPS Group’s current stature.

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