ChatGPT Women Empowered in Geedam Strive Towards Economic Independence Through Brick Manufacturing

Raipur, July 5, 2024 : In a remarkable display of determination and skill, women from Geedam are forging paths to success by embracing brick manufacturing as a means to achieve financial independence. Located in the remote Hidpal Gram Panchayat, these women, part of the Maa Gauri Self-Help Group, have taken up the labor-intensive task of producing cement bricks.

Under the guidance of five trained masons, the women have mastered the operation of brick-making machines and the precise mixing of cement, sand, and dust. This newfound expertise has enabled them to independently manage the production process, significantly contributing to their livelihoods.

The initiative has been bolstered by government support, particularly through the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, which has increased the demand for bricks in rural areas. Mrs. Kamla Korram, a member of the group, expressed her satisfaction in acquiring the skill, highlighting its potential to support her family.

Initially aided by the district administration with free materials and training under the National Livelihood Mission, the group now plans to procure their own resources for continued production. Mrs. Tulsi Kashyap conveyed gratitude to Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai and local authorities for their unwavering support.

Looking forward, the Maa Gauri Self-Help Group has secured a bank loan of Rs 3 lakh to sustain operations and expand their enterprise. Previously engaged in traditional red brick production, they have seamlessly transitioned to manufacturing ten bricks at a time using a mixer machine.

“This initiative not only empowers us financially but also opens new doors for self-employment,” remarked Mrs. Mangaldai, emphasizing the transformative impact of the training.

With this endeavor, every rural woman in the district now has the opportunity to realize their aspirations of becoming economically self-sufficient, as envisioned under the ambitious “Lakhpati Didi scheme”.

The initiative stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of women in Geedam, paving the way for sustainable economic empowerment in rural communities.

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