“Former MP RK Sinha Advocates Collaboration Between Private and Government Security for National Interest”

New Delhi, July 5 , 2024 – Addressing a four-day training program organized by the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM) in East of Kailash today, Dr. RK Sinha, Executive President of IISSM, emphasized the pivotal role of security personnel in ensuring the safety and tranquility of the nation. He highlighted the responsibility of security professionals, whether from government agencies or the private sector, as essential citizens contributing to public service.

Dr. Sinha underscored the importance of fostering collaboration between government and private security personnel to advance national interests. He urged governmental authorities to engage with private security agencies for mutual cooperation, stressing that collective effort is crucial when working towards shared objectives. According to him, security is a collective responsibility that requires unified action.

The training program convened security professionals from across the country and covered various topics pertinent to private security, including disaster management, the new Indian security law, Zero FIR, enhancing compliance of private security under governmental regulations, safeguarding women and children, and combating cybercrime.

Prominent figures addressing the event included former Director General of Police for Uttar Pradesh, Vikram Singh; Chennai Police Commissioner, Sandeep Rathore; former Director General of Gujarat Police, Anil Pratham; CEO of IISSM, Santosh Kumar; and senior advocate Anupam Sinha.

The event served as a platform for comprehensive discussions on the evolving roles and responsibilities of private security personnel in contemporary security landscapes.

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