Congress leaders will themselves collapse due to fighting among each other’s : Sudesh Kataria

Chandigarh, 20 December 2023 – Sudesh Kataria, Chief Media Coordinator of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal, said that the day is not far when Congress leaders will themselves collapse due to fighting among themselves, How can the Congress leaders, who themselves have a feeling of distrust and do not trust each other. Shri Kataria took a dig at the separate press conferences held by former CM Bhupendra Hooda in Chandigarh and Randeep Surjewala, Kumari Selja and Kiran Chaudhary in Rohtak. He said that Hooda talks about taking out public anger rallies and Surjewala and Selja talk about taking out Samvad Yatra. On the contrary, the people of the state are preparing to take out the funeral procession of Congress.These Congress leaders have nothing to do with the interests of the state and its people and everyone is trying to conspire against the honest and poor-friendly Chief Minister of the state, Manohar Lal, and create schemes to steal power. He said that in the history of Haryana, Manohar Lal is the first Chief Minister who has taken an oath by placing his hand on Geeta regarding transparency and cleanliness in his work and jobs. Due to his good intentions and thinking about the welfare of the state, today poverty, unemployment and corruption are continuously decreasing in the state. Chief Media Coordinator said that after 10 years of brokerage of Congress has stopped, now in the name of collecting party funds,Congressmen are preparing to go out among the people with bags in their hands.Even after looting the state for ten years, these Congressmen have not found peace and are sucking the blood of the poor people of the state. People will never forgive such Congressmen.

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