CBSE Capacity Building Programme for Teachers on Happy Classrooms at FMS, Sec 31


With the aim of enhancing subject knowledge, teaching skills, and learning new teaching techniques, Faridabad Model School (FMS) in Sector-31 organized the CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classrooms for teachers of various subjects. Dr. Babita Dashrath Ingale, Ph.D. in Materials Science, and Mrs. Gunjan Tomar, a Special Educator and Social Emotional Learning Coach, were the resource persons for the session. The dignitaries inaugurated the programme with a lamp-lighting ceremony.

The workshop’s agenda focused on creating happy individuals and fostering happiness in classrooms to enhance students’ learning experiences. Dr. Babita engaged the participants in activities that encouraged them to share their perspectives on various situations, explore self-awareness, work on self-regulation, and manage time and relationships. These interactive activities ensured the teachers remained actively involved throughout the session. The participants engaged in group activities such as role-plays, dance, music, and storytelling sessions.

Mrs. Gunjan Tomar highlighted that enjoyment in learning boosts students’ self-efficacy. She emphasized the importance of teachers imbibing life skills to handle classroom situations with wisdom. In a happy classroom, teachers promote not only knowledge but also interactive and experiential learning. She also explained Functional Behaviour Analysis (FBA), an approach to understanding the reasons behind misbehavior in classrooms.

Teachers from various schools participated in a range of activities, gaining insights into teaching methodologies, skills, abilities, and attitudes that students are expected to develop by the end of a learning experience or program of study.

The session concluded with the felicitation of the resource persons by FMS Director Principal Mr. Umang Malik, who thanked the attendees for their active participation.

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