“Chhattisgarh CM Counters Hemant Soren’s ‘Rubber Stamp’ Remark, Accuses Him of Insulting Tribal Community”

"Tribal Chief Minister Allegations Spark Heated Exchange Between Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand Leaders"

RAIPUR 1 July 2024: In a sharp response to remarks made by former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai criticized Soren for allegedly demeaning tribal Chief Ministers appointed by the BJP in various states.

Soren had earlier stated at a party gathering in Ranchi that tribal Chief Ministers in BJP-ruled states are mere “rubber stamps.” He made these comments following his release on bail from Birsa Munda Jail.

Chief Minister Sai expressed his displeasure over Soren’s remarks, accusing him of insulting the Adivasi community and defending the BJP’s decision to appoint capable tribal leaders to key positions.

“The Soren family has a history of looting the hard-earned money of the people. The BJP’s appointment of capable tribal leadership across the country has been unprecedented. Hemant Soren’s misguided comments on tribal Chief Ministers are condemnable and slanderous towards the tribal and backward communities,” Chief Minister Sai stated on his micro-blog.

Sai further warned Soren that gaining bail does not equate to exoneration from criminal charges, highlighting ongoing legal proceedings against him. He emphasized the BJP’s growing popularity among tribals, scheduled castes, other backward classes, women, and youth, suggesting concern within the opposition INDI Alliance.

“People will not tolerate insults aimed at their community and will respond accordingly,” Sai affirmed, hinting at potential electoral repercussions for Soren and his party.

Hemant Soren, arrested by the Enforcement Directorate earlier this year in connection with a money laundering case, has accused the BJP of conspiring against him and predicted his party’s victory in the upcoming Jharkhand assembly polls.

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