Opposition Walks Out of Lok Sabha Amidst NDA-INDIA Clash on NEET

"Debate on NEET Escalates as Political Rifts Deepen"

New Delhi ,July 1 2024 : The Lok Sabha witnessed heated exchanges on Monday as the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the Congress-led INDIA bloc remained deadlocked over the NEET-UG 2024 controversy. The Opposition, led by Rahul Gandhi, walked out of the Lower House demanding a discussion on the alleged paper leak affecting over two crore students.

Rahul Gandhi, emphasizing the gravity of the issue, called for a dedicated debate on NEET, citing frequent instances of paper leaks and the impact on aspirants. However, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh countered, asserting that discussions could only proceed after the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address was completed.

“The tradition of the House mandates that the Motion of Thanks takes precedence,” Singh remarked, highlighting the parliamentary protocol. Despite assurances from Speaker Om Birla that separate notices could be filed for NEET discussions, Opposition members insisted on immediate assurances from the government.

In Bihar, law enforcement authorities made arrests linked to the alleged paper leak, intensifying scrutiny over the conduct of the NEET-UG exam. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has initiated an investigation into the matter amidst growing concerns about exam integrity.

As tensions escalated, Speaker Om Birla called for the commencement of discussions on the Motion of Thanks, prompting the Opposition’s walkout in protest against the perceived lack of government commitment to address the NEET issue promptly.

The NEET-UG exam, known for its stringent standards, faced heightened scrutiny following reports of anomalies, including an unusually high number of perfect scores among aspirants. The unfolding developments are poised to keep NEET at the forefront of parliamentary discourse in the coming sessions.

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