Chief Secretary Directs Monthly Reviews & Timelines for Aspirational Block Programme Accountability Artisanal Awakening: Mr. Kaushal Ignites Local Artistry Potential in Nuh

NUH January 9, 2024: Haryana Chief Secretary, Sh. Sanjeev Kaushal emphasized the importance of adopting a two-pronged approach to rejuvenate the Nuh district. The initiative aims to position Nuh as a leading horticultural hub for onions and tomatoes by forming Farmers’ Producer Organizations (FPOs). Citing the increasing demand for these essential crops, the proposed plan focuses on optimizing processes such as sorting and cutting, thereby ensuring a more efficient supply chain within the state. He urged swift action in setting up a Center of Excellence in Nuh.
The Chief Secretary was chairing a review meeting of the Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP) for the blocks of Behal, Laharu, Nuh, Punhana, Hathin, Nahar, and Badhra held here today.
Artisanal Awakening
Simultaneously, Mr. Kaushal identified the untapped potential of local artistry in Nuh. During a review of the ABP, he encouraged Deputy Commissioners to champion activities like pottery-making and local artisanal production, envisioning a vibrant cultural revival in the region.
Empowering Artisans
Furthermore, Mr. Kaushal proposed a collaborative effort with the Central Sector Scheme PM Vishwakarma to provide comprehensive support to local artisans. This inclusive approach encompasses international marketing, quality certification, branding, presence on e-commerce platforms like GeM, and diverse marketing activities. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen artisans’ connections to the value chain, empowering them to thrive on both national and international platforms.
Top Ranking and Substantial Grant
In a recent testament to these efforts, Nuh Block in Haryana secured the top position in the First Quarterly ABP Delta Ranking for October 2023, achieving the highest overall Delta Rankings in basic infrastructure. This remarkable achievement makes Nuh Block eligible for a substantial grant of 3 Crores. The ranking serves as a clear reflection of the effective implementation of the Aspirational Block Programme and underscores the ongoing commitment to enhancing basic infrastructure in the region.
He emphasized the need for accelerated waterworks projects in response to the challenge of saline groundwater in the region. He has directed collaboration with the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) to expedite these water works projects.
Ensure Accountability: Monthly Reviews and Set Timelines for Progress
Mr. Sanjeev Kaushal also rolled out a proactive initiative focused on direct engagement with Deputy Commissioners (DCs). He tasked them with spearheading a comprehensive data-gathering mission across various departments to pinpoint areas where underperforming blocks require targeted attention.
His directive’s emphasizes data-driven interventions and diligent efforts by DCs. They are instructed to analyze the collected data against state averages, pinpointing disparities and formulating specific action plans for each block. These plans will serve as blueprints for targeted improvements aligned with measurable outcomes. To ensure accountability and drive progress, monthly review meetings should be held, setting clear timelines and milestones for achieving set targets.

Tackling Lifestyle-related Illnesses
Recognizing the growing burdens of urbanization on health, Mr. Kaushal has tasked DCs with documenting data on individuals suffering from hypertension and other lifestyle-related diseases. This crucial information will be the cornerstone for targeted healthcare initiatives within these blocks, focusing on preventative measures and improved access to treatment.
Addressing Sickle Cell Anemia
In recognition of the specific healthcare needs within certain communities, Mr. Kaushal has further directed DCs to record data on the prevalence of sickle cell anemia. This targeted data collection will be instrumental in designing and implementing effective healthcare interventions tailored to address this genetic disorder in vulnerable populations.
Ground-Level Catalysts
To foster genuine grassroots involvement, Mr. Kaushal advocated for the selection of an outstanding ABP Fellow in each block. These individuals will not merely observe, but actively participate in implementing key initiatives, propose innovative solutions, and collaborate closely with DCs, effectively becoming catalysts for change on the ground.
Beyond the ABP
Mr. Kaushal’s priorities extend beyond the ABP framework, encompassing the functionality of essential facilities like girls’ toilets in all schools and community toilets within these blocks. He has urged DCs to prioritize repairs where needed and implement effective maintenance measures to ensure their continuous usability and accessibility.
Present in the meeting include Additional Chief Secretary, Development and Panchayats Department, Mr. Anil Malik and other senior officers of Development and Panchayats Department. While Deputy Commissioner, Nuh, Mr. Dhirendra Khadgata, Deputy Commissioner, Palwal, Ms. Neha Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Charkhi Dadri, Ms, Mandeep Kaur, Deputy Commissioner, Rewari, Mr. Rahul Hooda virtually joined the meeting.

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