Prajwal case: JDS demands legal action against Rahul Gandhi

Bengaluru, May 22 , 2024 : In a dramatic turn of events, HM Ramesh Gowda, a former JDS Member of the Legislative Council (MLC), on Wednesday called for immediate legal action against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for accusing Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna of raping 400 women. The controversy stems from incendiary allegations made by Gandhi during recent election rallies, where he accused Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna of raping 400 women. Gowda’s formal complaint, submitted on Wednesday to the Karnataka State Police Headquarters and the Superintendents of Police in Shivamogga and Raichur districts, insists that Rahul Gandhi must provide the Special Investigation Team (SIT) with the details of the alleged victims. He argues that under Section 21 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Rahul Gandhi, as a public servant, is legally obligated to divulge information regarding these serious accusations. The former JD(S) MLC further contends that failure to do so should result in a criminal case against Rahul Gandhi under Section 202 of the IPC, which pertains to the intentional omission to give information about an offense. The JDS leader’s complaint also underscores a perceived lack of action from the SIT, which was constituted by the Karnataka government on April 28 to investigate such matters. Despite the gravity of Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, the SIT has not yet issued a notice requiring him to provide additional information about his claims. “I must humbly and respectfully pray that to ensure justice for the 400 women as stated by Rahul Gandhi, it is incumbent upon him to give the details of the women allegedly raped by Prajwal Revanna to the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Else, it is my humble request that a criminal case be registered against the former Congress President under Section 202 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, at the earliest, in the interest of justice,” Gowda pleaded. This unfolding saga adds another layer of tension to the already charged political atmosphere in Karnataka, spotlighting the critical issue of accountability among public officials

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