Cong isn’t interested in justice for women: Ktk BJP chief on Prajwal case

Bengaluru, May 22 , 2024 : Karnataka BJP President Vijayendra Yediyurappa has criticized the Congress government in Karnataka, alleging that it is not committed to resolving the Prajwal Revanna sex scandal. In an interaction with UNI, Vijayendra accused the Congress of prioritising political gain over justice for the woman involved in the case. “The Congress government is not interested in giving justice to women. They are only interested in politics,” he stated on Wednesday. Vijayendra accused the Congress of failing to highlight their achievements during the Lok Sabha elections, instead focusing on the controversy surrounding a pen drive containing sexual video clips linked to the scandal. “The timing of the release of this pen drive indicates that Congress leaders are behind this,” he asserted. The BJP leader suggested that the scandal’s exposure was strategically advantageous for the Congress party, which, according to him, sought to exploit the situation for political leverage. His remarks come amid ongoing debates and investigations surrounding the Prajwal Revanna case. He emphasized that the Congress party is more concerned with “doing dirty politics” than ensuring justice is served. As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Congress government will respond to these allegations and whether the case will reach a conclusive resolution.

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