Faridabad student B.C. Aditya Jayachandran tops in All India Law Entrance Examination CLAT-2024

He emerged as a standout performer, clinching AIR-24 in General Category and AIR-4 in OBC Category

Faridabad, 19 December 2023- B.C. Aditya Jayachandran, a student of MVN Sector-17 School, Faridabad, has scripted history by securing top honors in the prestigious All India Law Entrance Examination, CLAT-2024. He is the son of leading lifestyle and preventive medicine expert Dr. Balachander (Dr. Bala) and Dr. Preeti Balachander.

Aditya emerged as a standout performer, clinching the All India Rank 24 (AIR-24) in the General Category and an impressive All India Rank 4 (AIR-4) in the OBC Category. This recognition reflects his outstanding legal acumen on a national scale. Not only this, he also secured the first rank (Rank-1) in the state of Tamil Nadu and the fourth rank (Rank-4) in Haryana, solidifying his position as a leading legal scholar in multiple regions. Aditya unveiled his dream of serving the nation as a judge or an IAS officer in the future. His commitment to public service reflects a promising trajectory for the young achiever.


He expressed heartfelt gratitude to his parents as well as his dedicated teachers and family friend. Their unwavering support and guidance played a pivotal role in Aditya’s success. Aditya’s remarkable journey in All India Law Entrance Examination CLAT-2024 serves as an inspiration, underscoring Faridabad’s academic excellence and producing a promising future leader in the legal domain.

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