Catch Chunky Panday next on ‘Madness Machayenge ‘

New Delhi, May 16 , 2024 : Bollywood actor Chunky Panday, who is known for his perfect comic timing, will join Sony Entertainment’s show ‘Madness Machayenge: India Ko Hasayenge.’ You can watch Chunky this Sunday enjoying a laugh riot with the gang of Harsh Gujral, Kushal Badrike, Gaurav Dubey, and Kaveri Priyam among others. The episode promises to be one hilarious ride. Kushal Badrike will be seen playing the role of Chunky Panday’s famous on-screen character, ‘Aakhri Pasta’. He will play the role of a chef who gives a spicy twist to the dynamics of the kitchen. Chunky along with Huma Qureshi the ‘Mistress of Madness’ will have a blast. “The experience of playing the role of ‘Aakhri Pasta’ was a bit nerve-wracking, especially knowing that the real ‘Aakhri Pasta’, Chunky Panday ji, would be watching the act. However, I was thrilled to know that he enjoyed my performance… “It was great working with Gaurav Dubey and Kaveri Priyam. They are extremely talented comedians, and our chemistry on stage made this story even more fun,” said Badrike. ‘Madness Machayenge: India Ko Hansayenge’ will air this Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on Sony Entertainment Television.

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