Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla Commends ‘Seva Samman 2023’ Awardees for Selfless Service

New Delhi; 16 December, 2023–  Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla addressed the ‘Seva Samman 2023’ programme at Seva Bharti, New Delhi, today. He congratulated all the eminent personalities honored with ‘Seva Samman 2023’ who have selflessly dedicated their time, energy and resources to bring positive change in the lives of the people.

Shri Birla appreciated Seva Bharti’s spirit of selfless service and unwavering commitment towards social upliftment. Referring to Seva Bharti’s dedication and commitment towards the society, Shri Birla observed that with the basic mantra of ‘Service, Sanskar, Harmony and Prosperity’, the organization has been continuously working for the inclusive development of the society and to bring peace, prosperity and development to the country through collective efforts. Seva Bharti’s works have made positive impacts in the lives of countless people, noted Shri Birla. Seva Bharti has imbibed our ancient values and principles of service, compassion, empathy and inclusivity in its work, Shri Birla felt.

Highlighting the several contributions of Seva Bharti in the upliftment of the people, especially the deprived sections of the society, Shri Birla said that be it provision of hostels for the weaker sections, medical facilities for the people, or vocational training, Seva Bharti has understood the needs of the people closely made sincere efforts to fulfill them. Staying connected with the people and understanding their needs and working to fulfill them is the biggest strength of Seva Bharti, said Shri Birla.

Emphasizing the importance of ethics and values in human life and society, Shri Birla mentioned that the spirit of dedication and service for human welfare has been an important part of our ancient culture and we have to carry forward this tradition. Whatever we are earning in life should not be limited only to the purpose of job but it should develop in people the habit of social responsibility, service to the nation and humanity, he added. Shri Birla emphasized on the role of health and education on mainstreaming the marginalised sections of society.

On past glory of India, Shri Birla said that we should not only be proud of the achievements of the past but also inspire each other to continue this journey of development. He also said that establishing an equitable and inclusive society should be the goal of all of us and our ideal should be to establish a society where even the last person in the society can live his life with respect and dignity.

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