Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah rebuts ‘Cash for Transfers’ allegations, labels HDK as a ‘Sadist’

Bengaluru, Nov 16,2023- Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in response to accusations from former CM HD Kumaraswamy, refuted claims of a ‘cash for transfers’ scam involving his son, Congress leader Dr Yathindra. Siddaramaiah labeled Kumaraswamy a ‘sadist’ and clarified that a viral video depicting Dr Yathindra discussing funds was misrepresented.

Speaking to reporters, Siddaramaiah defended his son, stating, “He (Dr Yathindra) was talking about the CSR fund. He is the Ashraya committee chairman and ex-MLA, I have asked him to look after my constituency (Varuna). I have never indulged in transfers in my career. We are repairing some schools, and using CSR funds for it.”

In a video, Dr Yathindra is seen purportedly discussing beneficiary schools with Siddaramaiah. Kumaraswamy had accused them of involvement in a ‘cash for transfers’ scandal. Siddaramaiah countered these allegations, asserting that the conversation focused on developing Varuna constituency’s schools using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds.

Taking to social media, Siddaramaiah accused Kumaraswamy of distorting the phone conversation for political gain. He stated, “Kumaraswamy is making such allegations due to his insecurity in politics and pessimistic attitude which does not allow him to think beyond corruption.”

The Chief Minister accused Kumaraswamy of attempting to defame him personally after his party’s electoral defeat. Siddaramaiah criticized Kumaraswamy’s actions as a “cruel attempt to mentally disturb” his son, emphasizing Dr Yathindra’s commitment to Varuna’s development despite not contesting in elections.

Siddaramaiah concluded, “This has exposed his sadistic mindset,” pointing to Kumaraswamy’s ulterior political motives in making false allegations.

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