Faridabad’s Sai temple shines bright on it’s 10th anniversary

Faridabad, 09 December 2023- The Sai Mitra Mandal Charitable Trust joyfully celebrated the tenth foundation day of Sai Temple. The morning began with Baba’s Mahabhishekam, followed by an evening filled with soulful Baba’s Kirtan performed by the bhajan group. Bhandara Prasad was shared, creating a sense of unity and joy among attendees.

Founder Narendra Jain highlighted the temple’s decade-long journey, emphasizing its commitment not only to spiritual pursuits but also community welfare.

The temple houses a charitable dispensary providing free cataract operations, showcasing its dedication to holistic well-being. Special guests, including Pradhan Jatin Garg, Dr. Naveen, Dr. Mahendra Arora, Pandit Vinay Pandey, Sevadar Pramod, and Anish, graced the celebration, adding to the auspicious atmosphere. The foundation day underscored the Sai Temple’s role as a spiritual and philanthropic cornerstone in Faridabad.

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