DLFIA’s Time Management Training empowers AIC Staff in STRIVE Project

Faridabad , 14 December 2023- Time Management, work to schedules and identifying time waster habits will improve your efficiency, productivity and enhance your contribution to growth to organisation – said Dr. Vijay Kumar Professor MRIU @ training conducted by him for AIC Staff under STRIVE Project of Govt. of Haryana being implemented by DLF Industries Association under the leadership of Mr. JP Malhotra President and guidance of Sh. Sanjeev Sharma and his Team of Skill Development Department Govt. of Haryana Punchkula.

‘ To do List ‘ is an important aspect of Time Management. One has to schedule, prioritise and perform accordingly. Start your day as early as possible as a matter of routine and not exception – said Mr. JP Malhotra in his intervention Write Down and do not leave things to memory . One can use digital resources to remind . An important aspect of Time Management is PDCA – Plan. Do, check Analyse. No amount of practice is sufficient. It has to be built in your attitude Dr. Vijay Kumar stressed upon that AIC Staff is an important thing responsible for timely execution of STRIVE Project .

A number of activities should be planned simultaneously. AIC should break up the activates on Daily,
Weekly and Fortnightly basis besides keeping the communication lines upon to superiors through email, whatsapp so that automatic review, report and realignment takes place to achieve the desired results.

DLF Industries Association is organising well articulated Trainings under STRIVE Project as approved by Govt. of Haryana to achieve the intended Targets of Capacity Buildings and Strengthening the value enhancement of entrepreneurs, workforce, managers and supervisor of industry cluster members.
As per feedback the training on Time Management was found very useful for the participants.

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