Conduct surprise inspections of govt offices: Yogi

Lucknow , 5th July 2024 :-During his visit to Basti, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued several key directives. For the School Chalo Abhiyan, he instructed Basic Shiksha Adhikaris to ensure timely enrolment of children, emphasized teacher punctuality, and mandated the prompt distribution of uniforms and books. In healthcare, he directed Chief Medical Officers to maintain hospital cleanliness, address doctor shortages through local appointments, and ensure the availability of medicines. For flood prevention, he stressed rigorous monitoring of embankments and timely completion of preparations, with zero tolerance for delays. He also emphasized the importance of public representatives in distributing relief materials and urged immediate treatment for snakebite victims.

Regarding the tree plantation campaign, Yogi Adityanath directed that saplings be planted according to district targets and suggested distributing them to responsible individuals for care. He encouraged public participation by having each planting marked with a plaque bearing the planter’s name. Additionally, he reviewed the settlement of revenue disputes and law enforcement issues, emphasizing a strict prohibition on arms during Muharram and the need for written permission and vigilance over processions. These directives aim to improve education, healthcare, disaster preparedness, environmental sustainability, and law enforcement.

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