Beyond code: Microsoft’s Charu Srinivasan on mentorship, AI ethics, and empowering women in tech

New Delhi , 3rdJuly2024:- Charu Srinivasan, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, is not only coding the future but also shaping it. Leading Azure Core and Cloud and AI initiatives, she brings decades of experience to her role, emphasizing that success isn’t just about product launches but about the lives empowered by technology. Her mission is to ensure that the future of tech is built by diverse voices, guided by ethical AI, and accessible to all. In an exclusive interview with Tech Today’s Pranav Dixit, Srinivasan discusses her journey as a woman in tech, the importance of mentorship, and Microsoft’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and responsible AI landscape.

Srinivasan is deeply committed to mentorship, having experienced the challenges women face in tech. She believes in empowering mentees to silence their inner critics and unlock their potential. At Microsoft, mentorship is a core value, integral to the company’s culture of growth and development.

On AI, Srinivasan stresses the importance of building systems that are responsible by design, with safety, security, and fairness as foundational elements. She highlights Microsoft’s six principles for responsible AI: fairness, reliability, privacy, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability, and cites projects like Jugalbandi and Karya as examples of AI for social good.

For Srinivasan, responsible AI is tied to inclusion. She advocates for transparency in AI development and believes that having more women in AI will lead to more inclusive and innovative solutions. Microsoft’s Code Without Barriers program aims to bridge the gender gap in tech, benefiting over 75,000 women developers in India.

Addressing the gender gap requires a multi-faceted approach, and Microsoft is taking steps to ensure fairness and inclusivity in hiring, support for women returning to the workforce, and fostering a culture where everyone feels valued. Srinivasan calls for a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, envisioning a future where technology empowers everyone.

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