Aasma Mera Hua, Udne ke baad”, a collection of poems dedicated to the travails and inherent strength of women released in New Delhi

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New Delhi, 16 December 2023 -The resilience and resolve of naari shakti or the women power over the years has been the guiding light for the generation next. These values were highlighted at a book launch ceremony at Hindi Bhawan in New Delhi on Saturday. The occasion was the release of “Aasma Mera Hua, Udne ke baad”, a collection of poems by Seema Kaushik Mukt, an engineer turned poetess. She shared the story 9f her journey as a poet and how her creative instinct is dedicated to the trials, tribulations, resilience and the resolve of women who overcame the odds to come out with flying colours.

The event was chaired by renowned Hindi literary figure, Pandit Suresh Neerav. He said that her poems are a reflection of the society in yesteryears and even today and how the situation is changing.

The former Additional Director General of All India Radio, Dr. Atul Tiwary pointed out that it is an honest attempt to portray that the mindset is changing and women today are able to carve out a niche for themselves. A large number of Hindi literature personalities including Shri Hari Singh, Rajesh Prabhakar, Pravin Vyaas, Saad Dehlavi, Atul Prabhakar were present on this occasion. The book launch event was followed by the recitation of poems by the renowned literary figures.

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