9 cms round metallic object successfully extracted from the liver of 51-year-old factory worker at Fortis Escorts Faridabad

Faridabad, 1st December 2023: In a remarkable surgical feat at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, a team of doctors successfully extracted a 9 cm round metallic object from the liver of a 51-year-old male factory worker. The object, weighing 86 grams, was a broken part of machinery from an aluminum forging factory where the patient worked. The incident occurred when a metallic object, propelled by high-speed machinery, penetrated the worker’s body, rupturing his right lung and breaking the bones of the chest wall. It also brushed his heart and entered the left lobe of the liver. The patient is a resident of Jawahar Colony Faridabad.

The team of doctors led by Dr BD Pathak, Director, General Surgery, Fortis Escorts Faridabad performed the extraction using state-of-the-art laparoscopic techniques. This approach minimized harm to adjacent organs and allowed for a swift operation lasting less than an hour. Remarkably, the patient was discharged in a healthy condition in 7 days.

Upon admission to the hospital, the patient was in a very critical condition and severe pain. A CT scan of chest and abdomen was done which showed right sided pneumothorax (a collection of air outside the lung) and a big metallic object in the left lobe of liver just beneath the heart. The patient underwent a laparoscopic surgery for extraction of the object from the liver. The laparoscopic procedure not only successfully removed the object but also repaired the liver and tissue damage caused by the entry wound.

Emphasizing on the complexity and rarity of such a case, Dr BD Pathak, Director, General Surgery, Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad said, “We extracted the metal object with the help of advanced laparoscopic technique. Usually, in such cases it is done by making a big incision on the abdominal wall, but in this case as the object was lying in the left lobe just near the heart, so to prevent any injury to the heart and the lung, latest laparoscopic technique was used. The object had damaged the lung, liver and adjacent organs. If it would not have been taken out in time, chances are that the person would have died or would have suffered from long-term liver failure and other complications.”

Yogendra Nath Awadhiya, Facility Director, Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad said, “This was a very challenging case, considering the critical condition of the patient. The team of doctors led by Dr BD Pathak, Dr Syed Sadiq Ali Haffan, Dr Vineet and Dr Evita undertook the correct line of treatment and could save the patient with a minimal access technique. Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad is well-equipped with experienced clinicians and advanced technologies for accuracy in diagnosis and treatment, leading to quality patient outcomes.”



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