Diwali celebrations unite hearts in London’s vibrant mosaic

London witnessed a grand celebration of Diwali organized by the Unnati Foundation to bring together Indians

London, England: London, the vibrant heart of England, witnessed a grand celebration of Diwali organized by the Unnati Foundation. The festivities kicked off with the ceremonial lighting of lamps by Councilor Rohit Ahlawat, setting the stage for a spectacular event. Renowned Indian artists and musicians, including Bali BarhamBhatt, graced the occasion, captivating everyone with their artistic talents and mesmerizing music. Sanjay Deshwal and Deepak Shukla, the founders of foundation and the event organizers, shared their vision for the event. They expressed their goal to bring together Indians from all walks of life, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, living in England under one roof, promoting Indian culture and fostering unity. The event witnessed a large gathering of Indian-origin families residing in the UK and foreign families from England. As the remarkable event concluded, sumptuous meals were served to all attendees, fostering a sense of prosperity and togetherness. This event has become a symbol of pride for Indian culture not only in London but around the world. The event was skillfully hosted by Samir Suri, the founder of Maxim Financial and former presenter at Laika Radio. Eminent personalities like Rohit Ahlawat, Vinny Deswal, Priyanka Shukla, Vikas Puri, Vishal Mehta, Girish Pandey, Sarita Pandey, Dinesh Malik, Aditya Pawar, Praveen Ahlawat, Vikram Rawat, Tejpal Singh, Jagpal Singh, Manoj Sharma, Miloni Aggarwal, Anil Aggarwal, Jyoti Aggarwal, and many more graced the occasion with their presence, making it a truly unforgettable celebration.

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