Tripura’s Rising Star: Srijita Bhattacharjee’s journey to “Manali Cream”

Tripura Girl secures role in Alok Srivastava's upcoming movie "Manali Cream"

Agartala- In a remarkable turn of events, Srijita Bhattacharjee, a young woman from Tripura, has earned a coveted spot as one of the leading actresses in the upcoming Bollywood film “Manali Cream,” directed and produced by Alok Srivastava.

Srijita, who is in her late twenties, is set to become the first Tripura native to grace the screens of Bollywood. She shared that filming for “Manali Cream” is expected to commence in January, with a release date slated for the end of 2024. Srijita completed her schooling at Sri Krishna Mission School and pursued her graduation through IGNOU while simultaneously training at an aviation school in Kolkata. Presently, she serves as an air hostess in a private airline based in Mumbai.

Srijita is the daughter of Jayanta Bhattacharya and Soma Dey Bhattacharya, hailing from Joyanagar in Agartala. Her unexpected journey into the world of cinema began when she crossed paths with Alok Srivastava during a routine day at the Mumbai airport. This chance encounter led to an invitation to meet with Srivastava at his office, where he expressed a keen interest in her potential as an actress. After a series of screen tests, Srijita successfully secured a prominent role in Alok Srivastava’s forthcoming film, “Manali Cream.”

“I never envisioned being offered such a glamorous opportunity in the Indian film industry. I had to undergo a series of auditions before ultimately getting selected,” Srijita commented. She went on to say, “Acting was not a childhood dream, but my desire to work in the film industry developed during my time in the 8th standard in school. Eager to explore this newfound opportunity, I’ve decided not to let go of my career as an air hostess. Instead, I plan to take a temporary leave to venture into the world of acting.” She added that she will be sharing the screen with a prominent Bollywood actor in the movie.

Srijita’s mother expressed her excitement over her daughter’s early success in Bollywood, saying, “Srijita had an early interest in the performing arts, just like other children. However, once she became an air hostess, there was limited time and opportunity to pursue those interests, even though she loved them. With the grace of God, she has now seized the chance to step into the entertainment world, bringing joy to us all.”

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