Salman Khan house fire: Police chargesheet alleges Bishnoi gang planned Sidhu Moosewala-style attack on actor

Salman Khan house firing: The Navi Mumbai Police have filed a chargesheet against five detained Lawrence Bishnoi gang members, describing a plot to assassinate the Bollywood actor. This is the latest development in the Salman Khan house firing case. The Bishnoi gang was preparing to purchase advanced weapons from Pakistan in order to carry out an attack on Bollywood actor Salman Khan akin to that of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, according to the chargesheet filed by the Navi Mumbai Police, who are currently investigating the case of an attempted murder of the actor. The actor lives in Bandra, and on the morning of April 14, two men arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire with four gunshots outside the Galaxy Apartments. The attackers swiftly left the location after the event. CCTV footage showed that both suspects were wearing caps and carrying backpacks.

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