“And She Clicked” Book launch unveils Lata Mangeshkar’s Photography Passion

Mumbai (Maharashtra), Nov 16,2023 – The legendary Lata Mangeshkar, revered as the “Nightingale of India,” was honored at a grand book launch event for her recently unveiled creation, ‘…And She Clicked.’ The ceremony, held on November 3 at the Nehru Centers Auditorium in Worli, showcased the lesser-known facet of Mangeshkar as a talented photographer.

The event, graced by distinguished dignitaries and eminent personalities, commenced with a captivating musical prelude by Purbayan Chatterjee, accompanied by Satyajit Talwalkar and Aarya Shreyasi. The evening unfolded the extraordinary life of Lata Mangeshkar through enchanting tales and stunning visuals.

‘…And She Clicked,’ a compilation of Mangeshkar’s photographs taken over the years, offers a glimpse into her profound connection with photography. The book captures nature, architecture, wildlife, and the lives of ordinary Indians through the lens of the iconic singer.

The diverse gathering at the event included luminaries from the realms of music, literature, and cinema, such as Usha Mangeshkar, Meena Khadikar, Suresh Wadkar, Madhur Bhandarkar, and others.

Mayuresh Pai, the visionary behind the project, expressed his overwhelming sentiments, presenting a compilation that reflects Mangeshkar’s artistic vision. Each photograph, handpicked by Mangeshkar herself, is accompanied by evocative captions, sharing unique stories.

The book’s uniqueness lies in showcasing Mangeshkar’s journey through various cameras, from Rolleiflex and Yashica to her mobile phone. Renowned writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar suggested the title, ‘…And She Clicked,’ emphasizing his special bond with Mangeshkar.

The event, presented by the Aditya Birla Group and co-presented by IRB Infrastructures Developers Limited, highlighted Lata Mangeshkar’s profound impact on Indian culture. The preface of the book, penned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, adds an extra layer of significance, reflecting the deep bond shared between the two iconic figures.

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