Janhvi Kapoor Inaugurates Kalyan Jewellers’ Two New Showrooms in Mumbai

Mumbai, 04 Dec 23 –  Bollywood sensation Janhvi Kapoor graced the launch of Kalyan Jewellers’ two new showrooms in the suburbs of Bandra and Goregaon in Mumbai. The Indian jewelry giant, Kalyan Jewellers, now extends its presence to 11 locations in the financial capital, as announced by Ramesh Kalyanaraman, the executive director of the brand.

In a press release on Monday, Kalyanaraman expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “With these two launches, Kalyan Jewellers strengthens its footprint across Mumbai, reflecting our commitment to serving customers with exquisite jewelry.”

Addressing the gathered audience, Janhvi Kapoor shared her sentiments, saying, “It is a privilege for me to be a part of Kalyan Jewellers. I believe that its stunning collections are a perfect fusion of grace, paying homage to the diverse traditions followed across our nation.”

The launch event witnessed a blend of glamour and tradition, with Kapoor symbolizing the contemporary appeal of Kalyan Jewellers’ collections. The new showrooms are expected to offer an extensive range of jewelry, catering to the preferences and traditions of the diverse Mumbai audience.

Kalyan Jewellers continues to be a prominent player in the Indian jewelry market, combining craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The addition of these two showrooms reflects the brand’s strategic growth and its commitment to providing patrons with timeless and elegant jewelry options.

The presence of Janhvi Kapoor at the inauguration adds a touch of star power to Kalyan Jewellers’ expansion, enhancing the brand’s allure and connection with its diverse customer base in Mumbai.

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