Manta Air to Introduce Direct Flights from Bengaluru to Maldives in 2024

Bengaluru, November 30: Manta Air, the leading airline in the Maldives, has revealed plans to launch direct flights from Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport to the Maldives’ Dhaalu Airport. This initiative aims to redefine air travel between India and the Maldives, offering a seamless experience for travelers. The direct flights will enable visitors to bypass the usual transit through the main Velana International Airport at Male, providing direct access to luxury resorts in the Dhaalu atoll.

Manta Air, known for its exceptional customer service, will facilitate easy immigration processes exclusively for its guests at Dhaalu Airport, ensuring quick transfers. The strategic flight schedule, starting in January 2024, is designed to allow guests to maximize their stay duration in the Maldives, with morning arrivals and late evening departures.

Ahmed Maumoon, Deputy CEO of Manta Air, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, “This announcement marks a pivotal moment in our company’s trajectory – we are progressing from being the leading domestic and seaplane carrier in the Maldives to an international airline operator. With Manta Air’s expansion through a new direct flight route from India to the Maldives, we anticipate a surge in travel interest and bookings from Indian tourists.”

This move is expected to enhance the guest experience and boost bookings for resorts in Dhaalu atoll, fostering easier and more affordable travel access to the Maldives. Manta Air aims to streamline international travel processes, offering end-to-end convenience and eliminating the need for intermediary travel requirements or connecting domestic flights within the Maldives.

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