Bihar CM Nitish Kumar directs stringent measures to uphold Law & Order

Patna, 21 Nov 23- In an official meeting held on Monday in Patna, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar issued clear directives to authorities, emphasizing the imperative need to rigorously maintain law and order in the state. The meeting, attended by senior officers from the state headquarters, saw Kumar instructing officials to take decisive actions against any elements attempting to disrupt the prevailing law and order situation.

Highlighting that ensuring law and order has always been a top priority for his government, Nitish Kumar commended the improvements made across the state and urged authorities to sustain these advancements. The Chief Minister emphasized that the peace and harmony established by his government should not be compromised under any circumstances.

Nitish Kumar mentioned that temples and graveyards have already been secured, and he called for the swift cordon-off of the remaining temples and graveyards. The directive reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining a secure and peaceful environment in Bihar.

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