“Amit Shah Promises free Ayodhya Darshan for Telangana residents in BJP victory”

Jogulamba Gadwal District, Telangana – November 18, 2023- In an election campaign address in Gadwal district, Union Home Minister Amit Shah pledged free Ayodhya Ramaiah darshan for Telangana residents if the BJP secures victory in the upcoming assembly elections on November 30. Shah highlighted the BJP’s commitment to a BC (Backward Class) leader as the first Chief Minister of Telangana, emphasizing the party’s increased allocation of seats for BCs compared to BRS and Congress.

Shah criticized the KCR government for not utilizing the allocated Rs 70 crores for Jogulamba Shakti Peeth and accused CM KCR of failing to fulfill promises, citing incomplete infrastructure projects and unaddressed concerns, including the inclusion of Valmiki Boyas in the ST (Scheduled Tribe) list.

If the BJP comes to power, Shah assured the implementation of the ST inclusion and the appointment of a BC as the Chief Minister. He criticized KCR for alleged falsehoods and highlighted the influence of Owaisi (MIM), referring to BRS, MIM, and Congress as 2G, 3G, and 4G parties.

Addressing issues faced by unemployed youth, Shah promised the creation of two and a half lakh jobs, criticized the delay in the Ram Mandir construction by Congress, and pledged to abolish Muslim religious reservations. He accused the KCR government of misusing funds allocated under the Smart City program in Nalgonda and emphasized the BJP’s commitment to increasing OBC reservations while abolishing religious reservations.

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