President Murmu urges Eco-Friendly Food choices at World Food India 2023

President Droupadi Murmu Calls for Conscious Food Choices to Combat Climate Change at World Food India 2023

New Delhi, November 5, 2023- The President of India, Droupadi Murmu, graced the valedictory session of World Food India 2023, emphasizing the need for making deliberate decisions to address climate change concerns associated with food choices.

President Murmu commended the Ministry of Food Processing Industries for organizing the second edition of World Food India, which she noted as a significant platform for showcasing India’s rich food culture to the world. She highlighted the potential of the event to position India as a global sourcing hub for agricultural and food commodities, offering opportunities for both micro, small, and medium enterprises and larger domestic and international players in the sector.

Food, according to the President, is a defining characteristic of humanity, marking the transition from foraging to agriculture and from raw to cooked food as the dawn of civilization. It plays a crucial role in culture and has historically brought different cultures closer together.

Expressing concern about the prevalence of hunger in various parts of the world, President Murmu emphasized that it is not a result of inadequate production but rather distribution challenges. She stressed the need to address this issue in light of the significant economic and technological advancements achieved by humankind.

President Murmu also drew attention to the environmental impact of food consumption and urged for conscious choices to mitigate the harm to nature. She called for a shift towards foods that are not only beneficial for human health but also environmentally friendly. This, she asserted, is essential in combating climate change.

World Food India 2023 has provided a platform for discussing and addressing these critical issues and fostering connections among stakeholders in the food and agricultural sectors.

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