“Delhi Ministers confer with Experts on Pollution Mitigation, consider “Artificial Rain”

New Delhi, November 8, 2023- As air quality in the national capital continues to deteriorate, Delhi Ministers Gopal Rai and Atishi held a crucial meeting with experts from IIT Kanpur and CII to explore the feasibility of implementing “artificial rain” as a measure to reduce pollution in Delhi.

Delhi’s Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, and PWD Minister, Atishi, affirmed that the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government is taking significant steps to alleviate pollution and provide relief to the people of Delhi.

The Aam Aadmi Party, in a statement, shared, “Environment Minister Gopal Rai and PWD Minister Atishi held a meeting with experts from IIT Kanpur and CII regarding artificial rain to reduce pollution in Delhi.”

In an earlier press conference, Gopal Rai announced that they have instructed the DPCC to operate the smog tower at full capacity by Thursday, given the prolonged period of severe air pollution affecting Delhi.

Rai criticized BJP-led state governments, alleging their inactivity on pollution issues. He stated, “It seems that pollution is not a serious issue for BJP-governed states. They only make statements on pollution but don’t take effective actions on the ground.”

The Delhi government has also decided to advance the winter break in schools, now scheduled from November 9 to 18, due to the persistently ‘severe’ air pollution conditions in the city over the past few days.

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