Spanish Ambassador & Delegation Visit Delhi Government’s School of Specialized Excellence

New Delhi, 23 Nov 23 – A delegation from Spain, led by the Ambassador of Spain to India, HE Jose Maria Ridao, visited the Dr. B.R Ambedkar School of Specialized Excellence (ASoSEs) in Delhi on Thursday. The delegation actively engaged with students across various classes, experiencing firsthand the advanced 21st-century skills imparted through innovative educational programs by the Delhi government at ASoSEs.

During the interaction, Delhi Education Minister Atishi expressed gratitude for hosting the Spanish delegation, highlighting the international recognition as a testament to the Delhi government’s commitment to redefine education not only at the national but also at the global level. Atishi emphasized that this visit marks a milestone in showcasing Delhi’s schools as exemplars of educational excellence and innovation.

The specialized education provided by Delhi government schools is seen as a beacon of hope for the future and a significant contribution to the country’s standing on the global stage. The delegation attended various classes, including Spanish language, mindfulness, German language, Happiness Class, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Design & Aesthetic Lab, Finance & Accounting, Robotics & Automation, and Digital Media & Design Lab.

HE Jose Maria Ridao expressed admiration for Delhi’s education model, commending the Delhi government’s dedication to providing a well-rounded education that equips students for the complexities of the global landscape. This visit underscores the collaborative efforts to foster international understanding and appreciation for Delhi’s innovative approach to education.

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